For Inglewood U.S.D. School Board - Seat 1

For more images and full videos of the Oath Ceremony and first day in office, click below.

Thank you to all voted on November 8th!

While I must issue a special thank you to all who donated to my campaign, endorsed, supported and voted for me,

I would also like to take this opportunity to assure everyone in this great city that I will work diligently to keep (and exceed) my campaign promises and do my part to help create and cultivate an Inglewood that we are all proud to be a part of.


Student Achievement / Logró De Los Estudiantes

Ensure students are prepared for critical thinking in college, vocational school or their chosen career / Asegúrate de eso estudiantes son listos para pensamiento crítico en los universidades, escuelas de comercios y sus carreras elegidas

Community Empowerment / Empoderamiento Del Comunidad

A school district directly acting upon the decisions of its representative community / Un distrito escolar que actuando directamente sobre las decisiones de la comunidad

Teacher Empowerment / Empoderamiento De Los Maestros

Properly compensate certified teachers and enable them to efficiently prepare their students to graduate / Pagar adecuadamente a maestros certificados y permitirlos a preparar sus estudiantes a graduarse

Eradication of Illiteracy / Erradicación De Analfabetismo

Reverse the trend of incarcerated youth / Invertir la tendencia de jóvenes encarcelados (

Fiscal Responsibility / Responsabilidad Fiscal

Reverse the history of IUSD Board of paying avoidable lawsuits instead of investing those same large dollar amounts into students, teachers and support staff / Invertir la historia de IUSD cuando ellos pagan pleitos innecesario pero en lugar, pagar más hacia a estudiantes y maestros

This is the time for our collective voices to be heard.

We cannot continue to do the same things and expect different results.

I will hold valuable Town Hall Meetings to keep the community updated on what is going on within IUSD.


Note: Endorsement Form now closed. Thank you to all endorsers for your support.