• Thank you to all voted on November 8th!

    While I must issue a special thank you to all who donated to my campaign, endorsed, supported and voted for me,

    I would also like to take this opportunity to assure everyone in this great city that I will work diligently to keep (and exceed) my campaign promises and do my part to help create and cultivate an Inglewood that we are all proud to be a part of.


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    I am committed to bringing true change, true progress and a positive vision for the future to the IUSD School Board if elected.


    After graduating from UCLA, I made the conscious decision to commit to educating my community.

    Over my lifelong career of educating and advocating for students, I have held numerous offices that have both extensively prepared and duly qualified me to serve as a member of the IUSD Board of Trustees.


    In addition to serving for 31 years as a public school teacher, mentor teacher and coordinator,

    I have also served as Inglewood Council of PTA's President, President of LaTijera School PTA, Inglewood Teachers
    Association's Grievance Chair, Trustee on a Church School Board of Education 4 years

    and as a Director of Education for a mega church for 7 years.


    Where is the investment in the education infrastructure? Where is a Robotics Program or Intro to Computer Science Class.

    When will children be first in IUSD?


    I am a lifelong educator with a passion to move Inglewood Schools to the next level. We can do better than the years of what the State and County control have achieved. We can do it together.


    As a lifelong resident, my primary goal will be to fight to resolve district debt and effect real
    collaborative change with community stakeholders. I will fight to ensure that
    every child-not only in my district- but, that all children in this amazing city have the resources to succeed.


    "Children First"

    Vote Tuesday, November 8, 2022 - Joyce Randall for School Board Seat #1.





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    Student Achievement / Logró De Los Estudiantes

    Ensure students are prepared for critical thinking in college, vocational school or their chosen career / Asegúrate de eso estudiantes son listos para pensamiento crítico en los universidades, escuelas de comercios y sus carreras elegidas


    Community Empowerment / Empoderamiento Del Comunidad

    A school district directly acting upon the decisions of its representative community / Un distrito escolar que actuando directamente sobre las decisiones de la comunidad


    Teacher Empowerment / Empoderamiento De Los Maestros

    Properly compensate certified teachers and enable them to efficiently prepare their students to graduate / Pagar adecuadamente a maestros certificados y permitirlos a preparar sus estudiantes a graduarse


    Eradication of Illiteracy / Erradicación De Analfabetismo

    Reverse the trend of incarcerated youth / Invertir la tendencia de jóvenes encarcelados



    Fiscal Responsibility / Responsabilidad Fiscal

    Reverse the history of IUSD Board of paying avoidable lawsuits instead of investing those same large dollar amounts into students, teachers and support staff / Invertir la historia de IUSD cuando ellos pagan pleitos innecesario pero en lugar, pagar más hacia a estudiantes y maestros

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    City of Inglewood Councilwoman, Dionne Faulk

    City of Inglewood IUSD Board Member, Carol Raines Brown (Retired)

    LAUSD Board of Education Member, Dr. George McKenna III

    State of California Assemblywoman, Tina McKinnor

    National Women's Political Caucus-South Bay

    New Frontier Democratic Club

    District of Southern California-West Basin Mun. Water Director, Gloria Gray

    Pastor, First AME Church-Los Angeles, Reverend J. Edgar Boyd

    Pastor, Grant AME Church-Long Beach, Reverend M.W. Eagle

    Doctor Ernest and Lorene Shaw Family

    Reverend Dr. Loystene and James Irvin Family

    Bishop Johnny Young Family

    Reverend Earline Gentry Family

    Judge Roosevelt Dorn Family

    Larry and Gaye Square Family

    Esther May Family

    Congresswoman Maxine Waters has endorsed Joyce Randall for the Inglewood School Board, District 1.


    Over the course of a nearly forty-year career in politics, Congresswoman Waters has been an important figure in local and national politics.


    Joyce Randall states, "I am so proud that Congresswoman Waters has endorsed me for the General Election. This will be the first time in the history of Inglewood that Board members will be elected by District instead of city-wide.”


    Joyce is a classroom teacher with 31 years experience. She will devote herself to improving conditions and outcomes for our students. Please vote TODAY by mail, at polling centers or use a voting drop box.


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